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It’s like Easter around here…

… Eggs everywhere!! We have grabbed a few for our annual hatching project with the children. It is always great fun and the kids are so excited! It is very amusing how hard it is for them to wait three … Continue reading

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Pet Zoo Update

Spring is around the corner, my friends! I know this because my hens have announced it. They are very clever that way. This is their announcement: And this: This little girl has been sitting on 8 guinea fowl eggs for … Continue reading

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Donkey Training Progress

Hello my dear blog friends! I hope you’re all having a great weekend! I had a very eventful and productive donkey-training week, I will tell you all about it! 🙂 We are getting to know Tiltan a lot better now, … Continue reading

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Late Caturday

My Caturdays are always late, but I have to tell you the latest news on the feral cats! Our kibbutz council has finally agreed to finance the neutering of 10 street cats. I’m so happy!! There are a lot more … Continue reading

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Tiltan the Feisty Jenny

For weeks and weeks, nothing much happened and I didn’t really have any interesting stuff to write about. Now suddenly, everything happens at once and I don’t know where to start!! So let’s begin with an update on Tiltan the … Continue reading

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Our Bedouin Donkey

Something strange and wonderful just happened! We found… A donkey. She was walking around in the kibbutz for a day or two before we heard about her. I know that people have no problems unceremoniously dumping their cats, dogs and … Continue reading

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Letter from a Pet Zoo in Israel

Originally posted on thekitchensgarden:
Pet Zoo Kibbutz Shiller – The Bird’s Eye View. Hello everybody! My name is Tarnegolita, and I am your fancy-feathered hostess for today in this guest post on Cecilia’s blog. I will graciously guide you through your…

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