One woman’s fight to save Israel’s Cats

Reblogging this post from Katzenworld because it hit me right in the heart… We in Israel have got to do something about our feral cat situation, starting with our own kibbutz!

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Hi everyone,

Today we have an important shout-out to make for one of our valued readers who also happens to be a huge animal advocate! Riva’s vision is to save the cats of Israel and has joined the charity Let The Animals Live for whom she works as the Director of the TNR and Cats’ matters.


Israel is in a state of tremendous feline overpopulation, which means that there are many more cats that are being born than adopting homes and places for them to live.

Each and every day tens of thousands of cats are born in Israel, that only live short lives full of severe suffering from disease, hunger and abuse. This situation causes mortality and severe suffering for the cats and a burden (emotional, physical and financial) on those who love them.


Most of the Israeli public is indifferent to this situation.

But in fact, this…

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Dutch expatriate, mother of 3 boys, freelance translator and pet zoo keeper in a kibbutz in Israel.
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  1. Great post and re-blog to raise awareness, thank you 🙂

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