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The end of summer is a tricky time in Israel. Everything is so dry that the smallest spark can set a forest on fire. This month, the continuing dry, hot weather caused a terrible wave of wildfires to sweep over … Continue reading

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I don’t know how all these people know we are here, but we get a lot of people lately that try to give us their unwanted rabbits. It worries me a little because we have so many rabbits already, but, … Continue reading

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Recently, I learned of the existence of something called “otherkin”. Or rather, people called that. Apparently, “otherkin” are people who think they are animals. No, let me rephrase that: they identify as animals. It’s not that they have delusions of being a bird … Continue reading

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3 Day Quote – Day 4: Autumn Cleaning

I know the 3 day quote challenge is finished, but I found a really good one that perfectly describes my state of mind right now. Except I don’t have a dog at the moment, so substitute “cats/chickens/rabbits”. The pet zoo … Continue reading

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Pet Zoo Givat Brenner

Here in Israel, there are zoos, petting zoos and “animal corners” everywhere. Every self-respecting kibbutz, moshav and school has one. Some, like ours, are small and modest, but some also have big farm animals and even branch out into wild … Continue reading

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3 Day Quote – Day 3

I saved the best quote for last! The most profound and staggering wisdom. In the words of the famous furry philosopher: I mean, it’s obvious. It’s definitely a tragedy that we will never be able to learn all the secret … Continue reading

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3 Day Quote – Day 2

This is a quote from one of my Favourite Books of All Times. One of those books that changes your life and determines the way you think. This book is Sophie’s World by the Norwegian author Jostein Gaarder.  Jostein Gaarder writes … Continue reading

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