Being green is definitely a drag

Little froggy, please come back. 
I’m sorry I had to clean the duck pond. But it was so full of green stuff that the filter didn’t even work anymore. You yourself were sitting in a few inches of water on top of a huge layer of green stuff.

The white ducks washed themselves and came out green.

So you see; I had to. I didn’t mean to scare you when I drained all the water and tipped the filter so you had to make high jumps to safety. 

I’m worried that the chickens ate you. Please come back froggy. I promise I won’t clean the pond again any time soon.

Yes, my frog prayer worked!! He came back after two days of hiding! 😀


About tarnegolita

Dutch expatriate, mother of 3 boys, freelance translator and pet zoo keeper in a kibbutz in Israel.
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13 Responses to Being green is definitely a drag

  1. He came back! When we have baby frogs we can’t cut the grass round the pond..they all hide in it and we’d hate to hurt them!

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  2. Of course he returned! Even frogs know it is better never to change a winning horse.

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  3. Vicki says:

    I’m glad your frog came back, we had a bullfrog in our pond for a few months and one day he disappeared and I haven’t seen him since. I miss the little guy.

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  4. aheikkinen says:

    Oh dear ! I too got worried and am happy he came back. Now you know he will find his way back even if you have to clean the pod now and then.

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