Little peas grow up

I took this photo of our yearling peacock, Raja, this afternoon.The photo is not very good, but something caught my eye.

What’s that, there on the left side of his train..? I mean right for him, left for me..? That little sea blue spot..?

Is that..? Could that be..? 

Oh my god! It is! It’s an eye feather!! One of those feathers with beautiful, colourful, eye-shaped spots on them that grown peacocks have!

I wasn’t expecting this until next spring! That means our young Raja is growing up and entering puberty..! I’m getting all emotional. How sweet and beautiful! 

The feather is not visible unless he displays (fans his tail), so he could have had it for a while without us noticing. But now that I’ve seen it, it’s so clear!

This is Raja when we just got him. He wasn’t much bigger than Walter is now. Little babies grow up! Sniff..! 


About tarnegolita

Dutch expatriate, mother of 3 boys, freelance translator and pet zoo keeper in a kibbutz in Israel.
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5 Responses to Little peas grow up

  1. He’s lovely, one perfect eye! I hope he grows/develops lots more : )x

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  2. He’ll be supplying you with “cat toys” in no time! 😉

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  3. Good Pictures. He’s a beauty. I saw the eye feather and so pretty. I can’t wait to see pictures when he’s older. Maybe that eye feather will get bigger and even more beautiful. This reply is for the article “Little Peas Grow Up”.

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  4. aheikkinen says:

    He is cute. He will be so handsome when all the eyes have developed.

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