Nesting Buns

Here’s another thing they don’t tell you about rabbits. Their desire to breed is so strong, that if you keep them apart, they will PRETEND to breed. They get false pregnancies. I had near heart failure several times this past month when I found perfectly made nests of hay and fur – but without babies.

This fake nest is several days old and already disintegrating.

Fake nest in progress. At least I hope it’s fake!!

Female rabbits (does) get raging hormones even without an intact male (buck) being present. They are convinced they are going to give birth. The doe starts furiously gathering bits of straw and grass in her mouth to build her nest. I saw this endearing behaviour this morning from our latest adopted bun, Fluffy.

Fluffy came to us only a few weeks ago, so there is no way she could have somehow got pregnant here. As far as I know, her previous owners had no other rabbits, so I am guessing this is a false pregnancy. But who knows! Fluffy seems entirely convinced it’s real. While her friends had a morning run outside, Fluffy ignored the open door and kept on building her nest. She was hyper-alert for predators. This “freeze” was induced by one of our cats meowing.

Next stage is pulling fur to line the nest. The doe usually does this the day before the night she gives birth. I haven’t seen Fluffy doing this yet, but I have no doubt she will.

This is Snowy gathering straw and pulling fur. They get very intense about it. I have even seen does pulling fur out of other rabbits to line their nest. The other buns patiently allowed it, surprisingly! All for the good of the babies, I suppose.

Fingers crossed though there will be no babies this time!! We had quite enough bunnies for now..! Someone please let Fluffy know!


About tarnegolita

Dutch expatriate, mother of 3 boys, freelance translator and pet zoo keeper in a kibbutz in Israel.
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5 Responses to Nesting Buns

  1. Oh they are adorable! Does really have strong instincts…mine used to drive my father mad by digging burrows in the garden…lol!!

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  2. aheikkinen says:

    Oh that’s a cute “house” for a nest. Fluffy would love to have her babies there. But, sorry Fluffy, fingers crossed that it’s false alarm this time.

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