Amphibian Representation

Recently, we discovered an entirely new class of animals has taken up residence in our pet zoo: frogs! At least, one frog. We only ever see one at a time. He likes to hang out in the filter of the duck pond, looking for flies and fly larvae, I suppose. After research, I think it is a Levantine frog. We are so pleased to have attracted this cute visitor! 

Find the frog 🙂

Amfibian numbers all over the world are in decline. It is no different in Israel. I remember constantly finding frogs and toads in the fields and in the garden – especially when the sprinklers were on. I knew a dog once who lost part of her tongue because she licked a poisonous toad. Now, I have hardly seen any frogs at all for several years. So it is very, very nice to see this prince-in-disguise 🙂

I am now worrying about emptying and cleaning the pool! Also, I don’t think it would be possible for them to establish a population – ducks and chickens would immediately eat any eggs and tadpoles. In fact, I’m surprised they haven’t eaten the frog. I hope they won’t discover him. Maybe we should make a special, secure little pond for the frogs..?? Thinking about it!

Levantine frog


About tarnegolita

Dutch expatriate, mother of 3 boys, freelance translator and pet zoo keeper in a kibbutz in Israel.
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13 Responses to Amphibian Representation

  1. Found the frog. The frog is camouflaged real good.

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  2. Femke Wester says:

    Zal ik er een paar opsturen? Onze tuin had 8 jaar geleden een vijver en de kikkers zijn het nog niet vergeten. Leven in de tuin!

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  3. Didn’t find the frog : (
    Great post, I love frogs, we have some in our pond and a couple of toads too. You could make a special pond…they would find it!

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  4. aheikkinen says:

    Maybe there one day will be a dozen of frogs 😀 He looks like a big one. Don’t ducks and other birds eat frogs ?

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  5. That’s fantastic. We, here, also have a serious decline in frog populations. My sister has a small, summer only, pond in her beautiful garden. Every summer frogs appear from who knows where? (There are no significant bodies of water nearby!) Every fall when she empties the pond (the fish come indoors) she gathers the frogs in a bucket and takes them to her friend’s large natural pond so they have a chance to survive the winter. 😉

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