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Happy National Coffee Day

… The perfect excuse for posting lots of chicken & coffee pictures by The Chicken Chick, which I find hilarious but somehow no one I know seems to agree! So it always seems like I’m posting them for my own enjoyment! … Continue reading

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Happy International Rabbit Day

Yesterday, it was International Rabbit Day. This day is apparently celebrated on every fourth Saturday or Sunday in September. The House Rabbit Society describes this celebration in the following way: On International Rabbit Day, we think about the many ways … Continue reading

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Rabbit History IV – The Great Pasteurella Epidemic

As soon as we had our rabbit population down to manageable numbers again, we were approached by someone who had recently had a litter of bunnies. He couldn’t find a home for the babies and was going to put them … Continue reading

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Rabbit History Part III – Baby Boom I

This episode is where things start to get confusing..! I have to warn you – in a rabbit soapshow, there is plenty of sex and violence. Proceed at your own risk! 😜  Also, it’s going to sound as if we … Continue reading

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Rabbit History Part II – Lionheads

So we had a small family of giant, adorable New Zealand rabbits. Then, we met someone who had lionhead bunnies and offered us a pair. How could we refuse? We still had loads of space. Bring on the buns! To … Continue reading

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Rabbit History Part I – New Zealands

It’s been a long process, but over the summer holidays, we have gradually given away all the baby bunnies (grown up now) and for now, the rabbit population is back to the original permanent inhabitants, plus a few extra! All … Continue reading

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Amphibian Representation

Recently, we discovered an entirely new class of animals has taken up residence in our pet zoo: frogs! At least, one frog. We only ever see one at a time. He likes to hang out in the filter of the … Continue reading

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