Chickens With A Haircut


I’ve done it again. I got More Chickens. Because chickens are, well, awesome. They lay eggs. They are beautiful, funny and personable. Not only that, but there are so many kinds that I haven’t got.

Ok, I suppose that technically, the number of chickens didn’t change, because I swapped some. Someone wanted some of my young roosters to run with his flock of Baladi hens, and gave me three Polish chicks in return.

I wasn’t going to take them. I was supposed to rehome some of the cockerels, because we had Too Many Chickens. But he had them in the car with him. He showed them to me. I caved and immediately turned into a cooing ball of mush. They are so pretty and cute!! They have puff balls of feathers on their heads! I would have taken them without swapping. Hand over those chickens!



Between the Polish and the little Silkies, I am in chicken heaven. They are so sweet and docile! I am used to the Baladis, who are so independent they are almost feral. They run and flap and roost in trees and and make a huge ruckus when they need to be handled for health checks.

This summer is turning out to be quite crazy. There is a new surprise almost every day. Some good some bad, some both. Bunnies, ducklings, rescue kittens… Those last ones are in the process of being trapped and transported right now by my awesome team of teenage girls!

Update soon! Have a great day, all of you! X



About tarnegolita

Dutch expatriate, mother of 3 boys, freelance translator and pet zoo keeper in a kibbutz in Israel.
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5 Responses to Chickens With A Haircut

  1. Sounds a great place to work, lovely update, thank you!

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  2. aheikkinen says:

    Oh my ! I didn’t know there are chickens with that kind of haircut. They are so cute. I googled for images of Polish chickens/hens and there are so many in so many different colours and hairdos.

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  3. Wait … what? Rescue kittens? You leave us hanging like that? 😉 Your chickens are gorgeous. Who knew there were so many beautiful varieties?

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