Stray animals… Always. Mostly cats and dogs, but other animals get lost, dumped or “released into nature” as well. This week, one of our kibbutz members found a bunny. He brought it to me, assuming that it came from the pet zoo. But I had never seen it before.



We tried to integrate him with the other babies, but the mothers didn’t accept him. He got chased around and bitten. So we moved him to the cage where Benji, our only unneutered male lives now, and that seems to be going well. There are also some male guinea pigs in the cage and he has been seen to adorably snuggle with them 🙂 What a cutie! I’m glad we were able to rescue him.

And cats. We now have several stray cats hanging around our house, hoping for food. And me, soft-hearted wuss that I am, can’t resist those hungry meows. Also, they were both wounded and couldn’t hunt. So I feed them. They are two males. We have called them Kit-Kat and Tabby for now. Kit-Kat is very friendly but Tabby hangs back, although he comes closer now. Their wounds are a lot better, but they are both unneutered, so a trip to the vet has been planned…



My husband is not very happy – he never signed up for having 5 cats 😉 But in a country where there is such a huge street cat problem, we have to do our bit. If everyone does, we might just solve the problem and educate people at the same time, so no one will dump their animals on others…


About tarnegolita

Dutch expatriate, mother of 3 boys, freelance translator and pet zoo keeper in a kibbutz in Israel.
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9 Responses to Strays

  1. Sunith says:

    A great job you are doing. I am sure they love you for this caring attitude at the same time pleasing the Lord who works through you….


  2. debc says:

    We had a barn cat named Kit Kat when I was a child. She was my dad’s favorite. Friendly, a good hunter, and a good momma. She is well missed.

    Good luck with your new bunny, too!

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  3. Sounds like you are doing *more* than your part! Thanks for looking after the strays — whatever species. 😉

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  4. Such a cutie bunny! I am so happy that he is safe with you as well as all your other rescued sweeties. You are lovely and I am sure that you can talk your husband into anything…

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