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Peachicks Explore the Outside World

Walter and Jesse, our home-hatched peachicks, are now almost 2 months old. They are getting very curious to explore the wide world outside of the chick pen. I think they are still too small to permanently live outside, but I … Continue reading

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Rabbit Showjumping

Oh yes, this is a thing. Rabbit showjumping, bunny agility or Kaninhop (rabbit hopping), is an actual sport, which is practiced mostly in Scandinavian countries. I came across this adorable occupation while researching rabbit enrichment on the internet. Sadly, I have … Continue reading

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Ravenous Rabbits

The Boom Bunnies are now five weeks old! They are eating and drinking by themselves, but still need their mums. And they are eating a lot! They act like they are starving each morning and are practically climbing my legs … Continue reading

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Chickens With A Haircut

I’ve done it again. I got More Chickens. Because chickens are, well, awesome. They lay eggs. They are beautiful, funny and personable. Not only that, but there are so many kinds that I haven’t got. Ok, I suppose that technically, … Continue reading

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Accidental Ducks

Yesterday morning, one of the daycare facilities of our kibbutz paid a surprise visit to the pet zoo. This is nothing out of the ordinary and usually a fun occasion. This time though, they took the element of “surprise” a little … Continue reading

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Pond Cleaning Day

There’s lots to see around here. Fluffy bunnies, colourful roosters. Baby chicks, drinking cavies. All very adorable and fun to watch. But there is NOTHING that beats watching ducks on pond cleaning day. They are just so hysterically happy about … Continue reading

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Fowl News

Walter and Jesse, the peachicks, are 1 month old. They have doubled their size and grown large wing feathers. Their crowns start poking out of their heads.┬áThe sounds they make have changed; they are no longer peeping, but making a … Continue reading

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