The Amazing Growing Babies

Time for a bunny and chick update!!

Walter and Jesse, the peachicks, are now living in the pet zoo and doing fine so far! Still on standby with medicine in case one of them gets sick, but fortunately they are perfectly healthy until now. Phew!!



They are now about 2.5 weeks old. Look how big their wings are already! They jump and fly all over the place. I can still just about tell who is Walter – his wings are just that tiny bit bigger. But soon, that won’t matter anymore.

They are very friendly and run up to me when I come into the cage with their favourite snack of boiled egg! Yum! Oh – and please disregard the poor half-plucked quail in that picture – we had to separate a few of them because they were fighting viciously. Males in breeding season. Sigh.

Bunnies!! Oh so many, and oh so sweet! They are 10 days old and starting to open their eyes.


This is Ginger with her litter.


These little ones belong to Mitzi and Grey

With such large litters, there are usually a few who don’t survive. Mother rabbits have eight nipples and they feed their kits only a few minutes a day, so if there are ten babies, the weakest ones keep missing out on feedings and don’t make it. A few of these bunnies died in the first couple of days, so now there are 26 left. Still a respectable number, yes.




Some of them are so pretty, I have to keep taking pictures of them!

About Hamsterdam, the little rescue hamster, he’s fine too! He likes his new home, he nibbles on his food and explores his cage. The kids absolutely love him and fight about whose turn it is to hold him. He is very friendly and doesn’t mind people at all.


It’s kind of hard to take pictures of him, he doesn’t sit still for a moment! This is the best we could do:


I think I might have been wrong and he is a dwarf hamster after all, not a baby Syrian. I was thrown by the colour – I had only ever seen grey dwarf hamsters before. But apparently, they can be cream, too.

Hope you all have an excellent weekend!


About tarnegolita

Dutch expatriate, mother of 3 boys, freelance translator and pet zoo keeper in a kibbutz in Israel.
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  1. aheikkinen says:

    Oh my, they all are so cute.

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