Rooster Gallery

I love my roosters. They are so colourful and personable. None of them is aggressive to people, although they have the occasional scuffle with each other. Some of them are very friendly and will eat out of our hands. Here we go, in order of acquisition:



Ethan was the first rooster we ever got. Someone found him wandering around and brought him to us. We have no idea of his history. He is a tiny rooster, like a bantam or a serama, but not as pretty. He is very proud and fierce though – he ruled the roost for a long time, bossing around hens and roosters twice his size! Now he is getting on in years, I think. He is not the top rooster anymore and is looking very subdued and somehow less colourful. He still gets around though! We have a couple of absolutely tiny white chicks running around that are definitely his!



Amir is Ethan’s son and looks a lot like him, but bigger and (sorry Ethan) better-looking. At some point, he took over the crown as top rooster from his dad. He ruled the roost right up until yesterday, when I found him hiding in a corner, badly beaten up. He is now recovering in a cage. Hopefully he can go back to the flock at some point without too much trouble. I suspect Marshall of beating him up.



Marshall is a Baladi rooster of about a year old. We bought him together with some other Baladi chicks for some diversity in our flock, which consisted exclusively of white commercial layer chickens. Baladi is technically not a breed, just another term for mixed breed chicken. They come in all colours, shapes and sizes and I love them! They are so colourful and not one of them looks the same. I think Marshall is a gorgeous rooster!



Chase is another Baladi rooster, one with a bit of gamefowl blood in him I think. He keeps himself to himself, you don’t see or hear him as much as the others. I expected him to grow up a fierce warrior, but he isn’t at all. He is kind of shy and not an “alpha” type of rooster. I love his shiny feathers and his red-black colour!



This is Rocky. We got him as a chick together with Marshall and Chase, but we thought he was a hen, until he started crowing like a pro! Now, nobody could mistake him for a hen. He is loud, proud and protective of his hens. You can often see him clucking over bits of food, pointing them out to the hens, or trying to find good egg-laying spots for them. I think his black and white colouring is amazing and kind of unique!


Silkie Roo

Silkie Roo, very unimaginatively named, is our lone Silkie chicken. We bought him together with two young hens, but sadly both of them died shortly afterwards. Silkie Roo is doing fine though. He found a mate in Little Chicken, a small mixed breed hen. They always keep a bit away from the other chickens. Silkie is a very gentle and timid rooster. He never fights, doesn’t crow much and seems content with just his one hen. We were hoping to find some semi-Silkies among our new chicks, but unfortunately it doesn’t look like he passed in his Silkie genes to anyone. We are still trying to get a few Silkie hens for him, but they are kind of hard to find around here.



Last but not least – here is Cashew, here standing guard over his hen, Roni, while she lays an egg. He is a Rhode Island Red rooster (might be mixed with something else). We got them both as chicks from someone, and I am so glad they came to us. They grew up to be very big but lovely, friendly and very tame chickens. Cashew will eat out of our hands (although it’s kind of painful, so we don’t try this too much) and lets us stroke his beautiful, glossy red feathers. He is the biggest but the youngest rooster, so he is the lowest in the pecking order. But he doesn’t seem to be very intent on changing his status. He is a laidback, worry-free kind of rooster. 🙂 There are a few chicks running around that look just like Roni and Cashew did when they were little, and I’m very pleased about that!

So these are our roosters! We are very proud of them. What about yours? I would love to see some pictures of your roosters and hear their stories! Leave a comment or link back here in your own post! 💙


About tarnegolita

Dutch expatriate, mother of 3 boys, freelance translator and pet zoo keeper in a kibbutz in Israel.
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6 Responses to Rooster Gallery

  1. debc says:

    They are all handsome boys!

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  2. Such variety! I had no idea. They’re all beautiful.

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  3. journeyn15 says:

    Ethan still looks proud in his old age. lol
    They’re all so different and beautiful!

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