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Ducks with jobs

Originally posted on The Red Pen of Doom:
Yes, I kid you not: this isn’t a pet duck with a uniform grandma knitted as a joke. These are real ducks with real jobs. And they take it seriously. First up:…

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Disabled Pet Day

May 3 is Disabled Pets Day, I discovered today. This post might be a bit late, but I still wanted to introduce a few special animals and their wonderful humans! ❤ This ginger cat is Stevie (Wonder). My friend Danya found … Continue reading

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Ravit, a friend/neighbour/fellow mum of 3 boys, brought me a present yesterday. She often brings me boys’ clothes (her boys are older than mine), and I give her chicken and quail eggs in return. But this was a different kind … Continue reading

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Chicken Communication

I am a translator. I’m interested in language and communication. Not only human language – the way animals communicate fascinates me, too. They might not be able to form words, but they definitely have language. Animal language is not only about sound, … Continue reading

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More Bird Talk

Joy!! I thought the woodpeckers had been chased away by the rose-ringed parakeets and were not nesting in our tree this spring. But it seems I was wrong! They were just being very quiet. But that’s all over now, because … Continue reading

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Zita’s Interspecies Brood

Okay. You might be wondering what happened in the end to our guinea keets, which were being hatched by two guinea ladies and one chicken all on the same huge nest? Well. The story is both sad and happy, weird … Continue reading

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Rabbit Airco

It’s that time of year again: it’s getting hot. Too hot. The sun is beating down and a dry, hot wind blows. This afternoon, the thermometer indicates 41 degrees Celsius – which is about 105 degrees Fahrenheit. To give you an idea: … Continue reading

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