Mourning Yoni Suher


Yoni with two of his brothers

My kibbutz is in mourning. A young man who belonged to our kibbutz was killed two days ago in a terror attack in Istanbul. His name was Yonathan Suher. He was the son of Randy, the American man who used to run the pet zoo. He was on holiday in Istanbul with his wife, Inbal, to celebrate his 40th birthday. Inbal was wounded in the attack. She flew back to Israel yesterday together with Yoni’s body. The funeral is this afternoon.

We are collectively shocked and horrified. Yoni and Inbal have two children, who were staying with their grandparents in the kibbutz at the time of the attack. Randy has survived two heart attacks, only to have to live through this in his old age. Why?

There is no “why”. “Why” is because we live in a world where people do things like this. Yoni was murdered on his 4oth birthday, because he happened to be in the wrong place in the wrong time, when someone blew himself up for a cause, not caring exactly who he took with him. It is bizarre and horrible that this had to happen to him in Turkey, not in Tel Aviv.

My heart goes out to Inbal, her children and Yoni’s family. May they find the strength to live through this and not be destroyed by it. ❤



Article in the Jerusalem Post yesterday.


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Dutch expatriate, mother of 3 boys, freelance translator and pet zoo keeper in a kibbutz in Israel.
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3 Responses to Mourning Yoni Suher

  1. journeyn15 says:

    I am very, very sorry for this great loss. Prayers for all who knew and loved him, especially for his family.


  2. Sorry to hear your sad news.

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