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Too much of a good thing

There seems to be some sort of spring madness going on around here. I have noticed before that ‘going broody’ seems to be contagious, but this year, it seems a little excessive. After the first hen went broody (the black … Continue reading

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People sometimes ask me if I am a vegetarian, and then react horrified if I say I am not. “How can you! How can you take care of all these animals and then eat them?” Well, first of all, I … Continue reading

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Guinea Pigs’ Birth Stories

Yesterday, S. and I watched one of our guinea pigs give birth to four babies. She had made a sort of hollow in the straw and one by one, the baby piggies were born into it, quietly, tidily and smoothly. All … Continue reading

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Dogs – friend or foe?

I love dogs. Some of my best friends have been dogs. Dogs are wonderful companions, adorable creatures and endless sources of entertainment. They can be trained to do amazing things. Many people here have dogs and they have a great life, running free all … Continue reading

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Mourning Yoni Suher

My kibbutz is in mourning. A young man who belonged to our kibbutz was killed two days ago in a terror attack in Istanbul. His name was Yonathan Suher. He was the son of Randy, the American man who used … Continue reading

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I’ve got a confession to make – I suspect I am a hatchaholic. A hatchaholic is someone who loves hatching eggs and keeps doing it. Whether it’s watching a broody hen hatch and raise her chicks or setting eggs in … Continue reading

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Tribute to Milky

If we are talking about cats anyway (see my previous post, The Mouse Extermination and Snake Prevention Team), let me just say a few words about our lost and much loved cat Milky. We called her that because she looked … Continue reading

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